Fusible Switch FAQs

Look at our list of questions below. If these don’t have the answer you are looking for, contact us.

The switch and transformer assembly are used as the primary main switches of unit substations, acting as a primary load break switch while also providing circuit protection (fused models).

The switch is connected to the transformer primary. All connections are cable connected. The cable connections will be furnished with the transformer.

No. There is too much risk of damage to the terminations and/or the throat between the two enclosures to allow for a pre-assembled shipment. The transformer and switch will ship together (on the same pallet—size permitting), from Pharr, TX.

The transformer will have the cables connected to its primary and the cables will be housed inside the transformer enclosure. Each cable will be plainly marked. The switch has a termination board, which will be clearly labeled for where the corresponding cable is to be connected.

There will be no impact on the standard lead times we currently offer with our transformer, unless there are special requirements, options on the switch, such as expulsion fuses, that have long lead time components.

The customer has a choice of 5 manufacturers. Schneider, ABB, Powercon, Eaton & Siemens. If there isn’t a preference, Schneider switches will be provided. It should be noted that if Eaton or Siemens switches are selected, the unit will not have a UL label on it.